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    english-speaking website


    I'm building a website about the subject Love. English is not my first language therefore i would be pleased if somebody could examine the description and the homepage of the site.


    I love you - Inspiration and Ideas

    [Website] offers inspiration and ideas around the three magic words: "I love you". Here you'll find music, poems, images, quotes and much more.


    Welcome to [Website]

    This website is all about the three magic words: “I love you”.

    Maybe you are in love right now and you would like to tell your sweetheart how you feel.

    Maybe you are a single right now and for a moment you want to be reminded of how beautiful it can be to be in love.

    Maybe he or she doesn’t even know yet that you’ve fallen in love with them.

    In all these cases you have come to the right place. The purpose of this website is to inspire you and to make your life a little bit more romantic.

    Take your time to look around. Maybe you are interested in …

    … our romantic images.

    … saying “I love you” in over 100 languages.

    … listening to our music collection.

    … reading our carefully selected poems and quotes .

    … saying “I love you” with one of our wallpapers.

    Thanks in advance

    P.S.: I already posted this, but i think it was the wrong category.

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    Re: english-speaking website

    hmm, no responses yet. Does that mean it's correct? This is really important for me. I would be extremly thankful for a quick note.

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