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    he's got the horn

    if someone is said to "have got the horn" what does that mean?


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    Re: he's got the horn

    "To have got the hump" means that you are irritated by something.

    What is the context of the sentence you have met?

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    Re: he's got the horn

    Please - when you ask for clarification of a word or phrase, you must give the context. WHERE did you see or hear this phrase?

    "he's got the horn" could mean something about the telephone, or that a person has the right to speak.

    Context is needed!!

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    Re: he's got the horn

    Context is everything.

    I imagine the OP didn't feel comfortable about providing context, as the context for this phrase might be rather seamy: it is Br English slang for a condition that can only affect men*: try the Urban Dictionary for a definition.

    *That is, I thought it could only affect men, until I hear a female singer singing 'I'm horny'. The Urban Dict'y will no doubt help with this to.

    Apart from this idiomatic use [='with an erection'], the telephone idea is a reasonable interpretation - though perhaps a rather American one as Br English preference is for 'on the blower'. I've seen 'on the dog [and bone]' listed in lists of Rhyming Slang, but I've only heard it used once in a TV Drama whose writer - I suspect - had read the same lists!


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