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Thread: to get used to

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    to get used to

    The difference between:
    "used to" and "get(be) used to"

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    Re: to get used to

    Used to/didnít use to + infinitive:
    *for past habits.
    I used to drink 15 to 20 cups of coffee.
    I used to wake up at 4.00 a.m.
    *for past situations or states that have changed.
    I used to be a complete coffee addict. (but now Iím not)
    I didnít use to feel 100%. (but now I feel great)

    Get used to + verb + ing or noun:
    *for something that becomes familiar to you or that you adapt to.
    Iím still getting used to my new job.
    I have got used to living without caffeine.

    Be used to + verb + ing or noun:
    *for a new situation that is now familiar, that you are accustomed to.
    Iím used to not eating chocolate.
    Iím used to my new way of life.

    I hope this example helps to understand be used to and get used to.

    Julia is a nurse. A year ago she started to working nights. At first she found it hard.
    At first Julia didnít like it. She wasnít used to working nights and it took her a few months to get used to it. Now, after a year, sheís quite happy. She is used to working nights.

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    Re: to get used to

    'used to' and 'getting used to 'means to become familiar with

    I am having touble getting used to my new phone.

    I am not used to my new phone.

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    Re: to get used to

    Very useful, thank you.


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