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Thread: Usage of Having

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    Red face Usage of Having


    I would like to know where and in which situations we can use the work "Having" and why?

    Has it to do with stative and dynamic verbs.

    I have been told having can only be used in a few senarios, rest all are incorrect.

    I am having fun/nice time/sex.
    I am having food.
    Having said that...
    I am having a baby.

    I cant recall the other sentences.

    I have been told that "I am having a headache or I am having a conversation" is incorrect.

    It has been explain that having either means eating or consumption or possesion nothing else.

    Is it true? What are your views on this?

    Thanks a bundle

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    Re: Usage of Having

    Some verbs called ďstateĒ describe a continuing state, so donít usually have a continuous form. Typical examples are:

    be, believe, belong, consist, contain, cost, doubt, fit, have, know, like, love, matter, mean, own, prefer, understand, seem, suppose, suspect, want, wish

    Some of these verbs can be used in continuous form with a change of meaning.
    Tim is being rather difficult at the moment. (behave)
    Iím having breakfast. ( eat)
    Iím tasting the soup, to check if it needs more salt. (sample)
    Iím thinking of bying a new car. (consider)

    Some verbs have a stative meaning and a different active meaning. e.g.

    be, depend, feel, have, measure, see, taste, think, weigh

    Jack is noisy. (state) Jack is being noisy. (event)
    She has a Porsche. / We are having an interesting conversation.
    I think I like you! / David is thinking about getting a new job.
    This fish tastes awful! / Iím just tasting the soup.
    I feel that your wrong. / Iím feeling terrible.
    This bag weighs a ton! / We are weighing the baby.
    It depends what you mean. / Iím depending on you.

    Have canít be used in the continuous form when it means possession.
    I have a flat. NOTm having a flat.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Usage of Having

    Thanks a bundle mate

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