• Place of birth of Saudi Arabia Al Ahsa Hofuf in 1975
• Bacalrios Science and Education in 1420 an excellent e estimate.
• M.Sc. specialization courses and teaching methods of King Saud University, Riyadh, 2009.
• teacher worked at the Institute of secondary vocational-Ahsa 1426 e 2005
• Educational teacher has overall management of technical education for girls in 2006
• educational supervisor for the Professional Education of the Ministry of Education, 2007
• Group courses in painting in each of the Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Qatif, Syria.
• Founding member of the Saudi Society for Plastic Arts (Jsvet)
• member of the Fine Arts Balkotaiv.
• Member of the Bahrain Society for Plastic Arts.
• Chairperson of the Women's Committee of Culture and Arts Association, 2009-Ahsa

Local partnerships (within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Many participants in most of the internal opposition of the General Presidency of Youth Welfare
Society and Culture and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and many private and collective exhibitions
In each of the Al-Ahsa, Riyadh, Dammam, Qatif, Jeddah, Abha from 1418 e
Participation in exhibitions and charity to donate the full value of the paintings.

Personal exhibitions
Personal exhibition ((fulgurate color)) was held on the terminal branch of the Bank of Riyadh's King Faisal University
On the women's branch Ahsa -15/1/1422 e m 9/4/2001
Society hosted the arts and culture, this exhibition Ahsa e on 28/1/1422
Personal exhibition ((emotional feather)) market, the red was the conclusion of the activities within the Al-Ahsa
East Tourism Festival 2002 from 1-5 to e 30/5/1423
Personal exhibition ((the light from the inside)) to the hall of culture and art e-Ahsa 1425
Personal exhibition in Jeddah Atelier of the Arts 27/1/1426, 8 March 2005
Of 17 / Jun / 1462 approved 26 April \ 2005
Personal exhibition ((blank)) Jeddah Atelier of the Arts March 20, 2007 1 Spring 1428 the first e
Exhibit personal skills and the Institute of the Arts Riyadh 8 \ 11 \ 2007, corresponding to 28 \ 11 \ 1428 e

Outdoor Exhibitions
• traveling exhibition (selection of the Saudi Art Studio) General
Omani Fine Arts (Muscat) on 12/2003 m
• Cultural Week Exhibition, Kingdom of Morocco (Rabat) 1 - m 9/12/2003
• Gallery Fine comprehensive Bahrain (Bahrain) 2004
• Smboziom Ahdan International (Lebanon) 2005
• Exhibition of the eighth periodic Fine Arts and Arabic calligraphy artists of the Gulf Cooperation Council
Gulf Arab States (muscat) 1426 2006
• Art Exhibition of small Kuwaiti Society for Formative Arts (Kuwait) 1427 2006
• Fine Art Gallery and the Arab Republic of India and the accompanying exhibition inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Al Saud during his visit in 2006 India.
• exhibit a range of plastic Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi - Cultural Foundation 6-2006 m 1427 e
• Exhibition Studio spectrum States from Saudi Arabia Sultanate of Oman - Muscat
(General of the Omani Fine Arts Society) 6-2006 m e 1427
• Saudi cultural week, the Arab Republic of Egypt Cairo, Alexandria Fair 2006
• Saudi cultural week, the Republic of Korea May 10, 2007
• Saudi cultural week, the United Nations Building, Austria, 2007
• exhibition of cultural heritage of the Sahara King Fahad Academy - Bonn - Germany 5 \ 2008 -5 \ e 1429
• Plastic Workshop Forum Saudi cultural Yemen, Sana'a 8 \ 2008
• Bangladesh International Biennale XIII in 2009.
• Show the Saudi cultural week, the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2009
• Show the Saudi cultural week, the Republic of Pakistan in 2009 Ozo
• Show the Saudi cultural week in Yemen in 2009

• Award the ninth week in the cultural contest the Youth Welfare 1420 e
Of the Youth Welfare Office Ihsa
• Fine Prize competition to mark the 20 years since the King took the reins of power in
Fair Competition 1422 e Plastic Head Office Youth Welfare Club right Ihsa
• the acquisition of the first level award in the course of the second artist Riyadh Saudi e 1423-1424.
• the first woman in Al-Ahsa province, receive an award of excellence in the visual events
• the week's cultural festival for the abandonment of the second e in 1423.
• the acquisition of second-tier prize in the third artist Jeddah Saudi e 1425.
• Bronze Palm award at the show's eighth periodic Fine Arts and Arabic Calligraphy
Artists GCC Muscat 1426 - 2006
• Ambassador Award in second place, King Fahd Cultural Center 3 \ 1428 e 3 \ 2007


• written several articles and contributions to literary and plastic arts, published in the newspapers.
• nominated for Oscar gold by the Arab participation in the competition for the design of free creativity
Jewelry for 2002 and granted a certificate of merit and appreciation from the World Gold Council
• accredited by the Chairman of the Committee on Art Studio for drawing and sculpture artist George Azaatini invitation
Saudi artists to participate in the international Smboziom Ahdan 2005.
• participate in a working paper entitled National Dialogue (teacher development) Dhahran 2006
• participate in the symposium Plastic (current shifts) in a working paper entitled The Fine Art Criticism (from the base of self-awareness or the other?) UAE Sharjah 2007
• Arbitration logo of the Saudi Society of Plastic Arts (Jsvet) 2007