Thanks, Soup!

Two more that came to mind.

1.) I have two friends:

Friend 1: Always says that "friend 2" will "stab me or anyone else in the back" and makes "friend 2" seem like the scum of the earth.

Friend 2: Has never stabbed me or "friend 1" in the back.

Friend 1 acts like a decent person that would never stab anyone in the back and then...stabs me in the back.

Is it ironic that the one person he claims would stab someone in the back has been nothing but pleasing to be around and has never done anything questionable to me and that same person who acted like such a saint was the one who, in fact, did the "back stabbing?"


2.) Is it irony if someone that is correcting another person on their spelling, misspells the word "misspells?"

"You incorrectly mispelled that."