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    What is "hookup rights"?


    I am translating the article about the future of auto industries. Then, I came across the term "hookup rights" as below.

    Some car companies will undoubtedly go further. They might sell refueling stations for batteries and hybrids or hookup rights for those vehicles. They could reconceive dealerships as services that coordinate the intracity use of shared vehicles.

    Would someone help me to understand the meaning of "hookup rights"?

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    Re: What is "hookup rights"?

    In this context, the licence to provide the necessary link for the recharging of batteries or provision of specialist fuels to such vehicles.

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    Re: What is "hookup rights"?

    Note Anglika's first three words. This is not a question of an idiom that has made its way into a reference book yet; it's a creative use of language to describe an economic possibility (rather than a reality).



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