I've written an essay to disagree with the following statement:
“There has never been a better time to be alive than the present.”

And this is my essay:
I agree with the statement. In the present, people are able to work to enjoy the wonders of today’s technological marvels. Although traditionalists could argue technological advancement comes at a cost, I firmly believe that these costs are now less than they were in the past. Our problems now can be handled better than in the past.

Take academic research for example, normally in the past, one would have to go to many different libraries just to make a literature review of what has already been done. Today, the internet is around to help us obtain information much more quickly. With modern technology such as the internet, I could finish an assignment in three weeks instead of three months. Consider another example such as the washing machine and dryer. Before they were invented, people would have to waste much of their time and effort to wash clothes and hang them to dry. Now with machines, this is almost all done automatically. The time we save now can be used instead as entertainment such as reading a book or watching a move. It is time that we have earnt to enjoy ourselves. Thus in the present, we can enjoy ourselves more fully than in the past.

Of course, traditionalists or any other groups arguing for a return to the past would say that modern technology creates hardship. I agree that we still need to work even with the computers today. However, everyone will always need to work in order to get ahead in life or else there will always be hardships in both the past and the present. Nevertheless, our hardships have only become smaller and smaller with each passing moment in the present because of the devices we have to help us today.

I enjoy living in the present with the newest of machines which help people immensely in life. There has been no better time to live in than now. And seeing as it is probably impossible for us to return to the past, we should all enjoy what we have so far in the present.

I just want some feedback based on the questions below of what you think of my essay. Feel free to criticize if something is horrible or not.

Do you think that I've provided reasons well enough and that I'm specific enough as well?

Are there any other ways I can develop it?

Is it logical, clear or organized?

Is there a clear articulation of both complex and straightforward concepts?

Please tell me if there is any other way I could improve my essay. Thanks!