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    Why i'm always missing the right words?

    I hav problem with finding words that i should use wether to express myself or when writing an essay. It does not mean that i have a weak vocabulary base because whe reading or listening to a conversation i understand it from A to Z. please help me to fix this problem of finding words..

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    Re: Why i'm always missing the right words?

    It could be an issue of lack of practice in actually formulating sentences. Many language students can comprehend anything they hear, but they can't come up with the words to express themselves in a speaking or writing situation. My advice is to get yourself in as many speaking and writing situations as possible. In terms of writing, each day pick a subject to write about. Write out a page or two on this subject. Look up any words you don't remember. Google any expressions that you have doubts about. Whenever you come across a speaking situation where you struggled to find the right words, go home that night and write out the conversation how you would have liked it to go if you had the vocabulary. Take the time to look up the correct words. This exercise did wonders in improving my Spanish when I was studying the language. Good luck!

    Andrew Lawton
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