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    Is it a correct announcement?


    I am introducing a new feature in my website, and here the blog post announcing the feature:

    You may notice that currently there are two download buttons on every download page in this site. No, that's not a bug :) I am introducing two download options (for members and for guests) to allow faster and more convenient download.

    So, which one does work to me?

    The short answer is: both buttons works.

    If you ever visited (site's name) and downloaded any free ebooks, you might experience how fast and easy to download any ebook here. You just needed to click the download button, and a small window would pop up instantly, on which you just clicked the 'save' button to download the ebook in zip format. You wouldn't even be led to a 'thank you' page which doesn't exist here (FYI, it doesn't mean that I don't thank you for download. I do. That's why I don't want to bother you more with such a page.).

    With the growing number of daily download here, and to anticipate it in the future, I decide to provide two download options: for members and for guests. You can continue enjoying the fast and instant download as a member of (site's name). Register for free and in one minute you will be a verified member here and enjoy the fast and easy download without any limitation. The other advantage of being a member is that you will receive a notification of every new free ebooks added, so that you won't miss any new content on (site's name). So you will need a working email address to register -> hope it is not too hard to meet :)

    We appreciate your privacy and have a strong privacy policy. We will not give or sell your email address or other personal details to third parties.

    If, despite how easy it is to register on (site's name), you decide not be a member, that's perfectly fine. We allow and encourage guests to download our free ebooks in our mirror directories on Ziddu (I wonder how to compose the proper sentence for this part) . Just click the 'guests download here' button and with two more clicks which takes less than a minute, you will be able to download the free ebook :)
    What do you think? I don't feel very confident with the grammar and structure. Any suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanks :)
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