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Thread: My Daughter

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    My Daughter

    Dear Teachers

    I am a father of a 5 month old, a daughter. I want both Sinhala (my Mother Tounge) and English to be her mother tounges. Therefore, would anyone care to recommend me what to do, what materials to be used, ie DVDs and other TV Programms, Books and special techniques, in order to get her have/do it.

    I will be eternally grateful.

    Kind Regards

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    Re: My Daughter

    Children are like sponges. Korean kids (elementary school) learn English quickly and with no accent when they go to school in Canada. Teenagers have a more difficult time. I think an all English environment (at least for part of the school day) with native English speakers is the best method.

    I know of situations where English tutors have been invited to live in Korean homes. Some Korean mothers actually move to English speaking countries for a period of time. English academies provide reading, writing, listening and grammar skills but don't always produce good speakers unless there are an adequate number of native speakers on staff.

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    Re: My Daughter

    I would say that her mother tongue will always be that of her native country, and that English must necessarily be a second learned language. If the parents each have a different mother tongue, it is easier since one parent can use one language and the other can use the other language. But if both natively speak one language, that cannot be done.

    Young children can rapidly pick up more than one language, but only if there is a consistency in use. Start with nursery rhymes and simple instructions. Always use the same words for the instructions and reward correct response.

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    Re: My Daughter

    Dear Redcrows and Anglika

    Great many thanks for taking trouble to reply to my thread.

    There's a friend of mine who is getting his 3 year old son watch "Barney and Friends".

    May I know whether making a kid watch Barney etc. is supposed to help him learn English, or are there better programs you would recommend? Also, please let me know the best age for a kid to start watching programs like Barney.

    Many thanks

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    Re: My Daughter

    I have four daughters and they all started watching Barney at about 18 months. There is something about that purple dinosaur that draws those little kids in. Shows like Sesame Street and and other PBS show are great, but nothing keeps their attention like Barney.

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    Re: My Daughter

    Thank you very much indeed for all your contributions. And I sure will have heard of " Baby einstein DVDs", as well: would you be kind enough to give me your impression on that as well.

    Many thanks

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