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    Wink plz correct it :)

    Hi everyone
    i am a new member in this lovely forum

    I have an exam after two weeks , and i need yours help in correcting my essay and give me some advices to improve my writing

    the essay topic : some students prefer to study alone, while other students prefer to study with other. Discuss the advantages of each type of studying. Then indicate which you prefer and why.

    my essay:

    Students,in universities,colleges and schools, have different ways for studying. Some students favor to study alone by themselves, while others prefer to study with friends or among people. Each of the following styles has advantages which make it benefit.

    studying alone is very useful way for students who want to concentrate and prefer serious studying. The main advantage is quantities because studying alone makes the time much longer and gives opportunities to study more materials. For example, the student who study alone could solve 6 exercises in one hour while the student who study with friends could solve 3 exercises in one hour. Also, he can arrange his time and what he wants to studying, unlike studying in group, while everyone has to follow the group.

    However, studying with friends has many advantages. It is a good idea to study with a group during studying a subject that need discussions or cooperation. Such as projects and presentations.Another reason is getting help to understand subject from others student. For example, one student con explain to others which make studying mush easier.

    Finally, I think the both styles have many advantages, It depends on in which subject the student is studying. The student should know and take the best way for each subject. Therefore, every student has to use the both ways in order to success.

    waiting for yours advices and suggestions


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    Unhappy Re: plz correct it :)

    so guys no one wants to help me ????

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    Re: plz correct it :)

    Students in universities,colleges and schools choose different ways of studying. Some students like to study alone, while others prefer to study with their friends and other students. Every style of studying has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    While studying alone you can fully concentrate on what are you doing. Nobody distracts you from what are you doing. But sometimes it takes more time when you stuck on some point. For example, a student who studies with his friends does have to make all the tasks. They can just divide them. So instead of 6 exercises, a student makes only 3 of them.

    That's a great idea to study in a group when some topic needs to be dicussed. In such a way you can hear different points of view.
    Another advantage of studying together, is that your friend can explain you what you need or just to point you at your mistakes.

    But I think both styles have lots of advantages. And they all depend on the subject a student is taking. In order to succeed with your studying you have to combine both of the methods...

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