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    conjure tricks

    Can you please explain to me what it means by ' conjuring tricks' and ' sneaked by' in the following sentences? The following sentences criticize some prediciton about the robots, which some experts claims that robots will take over our world.

    For my money, this is closer to conjuring tricks than science. As with all the best conjuring tricks, the effect is achieved by distracting us with astonishing facts while two enormous assumptions are sneaked by.

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    Re: conjure tricks

    Tricks that are carried out by stage magicians are "conjuring tricks" and generally involve sleight of hand - Now you see it, Now you don't.

    "Sneaked by" - the scientists have so cleverly hidden these bits of information [probably as footnotes or by using confusing jargon] in their publications that they were not noticed amongst all the more easily understood facts.

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