Dear teachers,
I am a student preparing for MBA exam in China.I am ashamed that I can do nothing for others but ask for help firstly, and I'd appreciate any teaching you could give me.This is a writing I finished yesterday, please kindly give me your professional suggestions.I will come to this website everyday, and there may be a problem of time difference, hence I would recieve your comments tardily, any inconvenience to teachers is regretted.

Best Regards!

How do you think what kind of people you are? That is a very intereting question, even the experts will plung deep into thought about it. "Know yourself", as an Ancient Greek proverb, around 17th centries B.C, was discribed in the pronaos of the world famous temple of Apollo. It seems that the ancient Greek philosophers tried to understand human behavior, morals, and thought. However, at last they thought that no man can ever comprehend the human spirit and thought thoroughly, so it would have been almost inconceivable to know oneself fully.
However, to the best of my belief, there are three core components of character that mark a person as follows:
Nature.This concept completely embodied in my dog, named Tiger, generally, he was a firendly and faithful buddy, but when he was eating, all this changed, even though I tried to close him what I would receive from him were bows, and as soon as he finished off he turned back to my friend as before.This is nature what we all share.Moreover, there is a famous book, which is called The Naked Ape, by Desmond Morris, scientist of U.K.,as a scientific work which looks at humans as a species and compares them to other animals in nature.Therefore, as the question what kind of people you are, it seems to me that I am in the nature of all human beings, so nature, makes me be able to accept a trivial life.
Personality. It is defined as, characters of a man which people can quickly distinguish him from his circle.Personility is relative, I am in favor of basketball, as opposed to volleyball, a 192-cm-high boy, as opposed to most of players on the court, an accurated shooting small forward, as opposed to a fighting center. Then, it's very clear who I am on the court. Personility makes us to be distinct from all others, independent.
Sense. Sense is a sane and realistic attitude to situations and problems, a reasonable or comprehensible rationale, a skill which we can only derive from study, practice and experience, and determines what kind of person we will be in the future. For me, sense is, to keep curiosity, to work hard, to walk firmly towards my target and gradually to become mature. Sense makes us growing up.
To sum up, through discussion you would have known what kind of person I am, in a common human nature, keeping to analyse my personality, focus on improving my sense, a naked ape.