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Thread: how, what, why

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    how, what, why

    Dear All,

    The question is

    B: Oh, that's impossible. I haven't a clue about skating, and anyway, I don't have any skates.

    A: It's easy, you can get some there. And I'll be happy to show you _____.

    We know the answer must be "how".
    However, whether there's a rule that "how, why, and what" cannot be used individually? For example, we must use "how" in this way, "He doesn't know how to swim."
    Hence, is it correct that we use "how" at the end of the sentence without adding the form of "to + verb".

    Thanks a lot for your kind assistance.

    All the best,

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    Re: how, what, why

    It's perfectly correct. You could also say 'how to swim', but there's no need- it's understood.


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