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    Question Parts of Speech Definitions

    My son is a sophomore in high school. After careful consideration and as the result of many extenuating circumstances, I have made the decision to home school him. He is a normal, very intelligent child, but I have discovered that he has no reading comprehension, and does not understand much of the English curriculum. He said he had never heard of the term "auxiliary verb!" I have printed out many worksheets for him to begin, but would like to find something (hopefully limited to one or two worksheets) that would be more or less of a glossary of the definitions of the parts of speech, with examples of each part included. Is there such a worksheet available? I hate to have to revert back to 7th or 8th grade English in order to teach him the basics, but I feel that before I can move forward, he needs to have a sound understanding of what a participle or conjunction is, and needs to understand proper sentence structure, clause types, interjections, etc.
    I am shocked at the lack of understanding that seems to be so prevalent in our schools today. I am trying to help my son beat the odds here. Any help you can give me is most appreciated!


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    Re: Parts of Speech Definitions

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