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Thread: Ride the tide

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    Ride the tide

    What does it mean?

    The context:
    The package design community has been anxious to ride the tide.

    I found only the meaning of "to ride with the tide", but it doesn't suit in this context.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Ride the tide

    Surfers use the term : Ride the Tide | Outside Online
    I think it means something like exploit, make the most of fast-moving and exciting times, taking risks, etc'.

    I should mention, though, that I have never surfed and it could have a more specific meaning top a surfer, but specialist terms often get mangled when they cross over to mainstream use.

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    Re: Ride the tide

    Thanks! You really helped me

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    Re: Ride the tide

    To "ride the tide" is an idiom that means to go along with circumstances.
    But you need a reference to what the "tide" is.

    She didn't have any money but they wanted her to go with them so she decided to ride the tide of their generosity.

    Young couples can ride the tide of the First Time Homeowners program if they can meet the August deadline.

    Your sentence needs to reference what the
    tide refers to in the package design business - color, design, economics?

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    Re: Ride the tide

    Because of the context, I would say that riding the tide in this instance means to profit from trend. For example, here the idea of "being green," or ecoconscious, has had a surge in popularity, so many companies have designed products to fit that niche. It might be said that "Everyone --from car companies to laundry detergent manufacturers-- are riding the eco-friendly tide." Hope that helps!

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