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    10-08-2009: My doubts

    1. It shows us how individuals and firms respond to changes in price and why they demand what they do at particular price levels.

    In the bold-ed part, what I couldn't understand is that how the dependant clause after the relative pronoun 'what' could make a logical sense to the sense? i.e, if i were to remove 'what' from the sentence and reframe it into two sentences, what would be those two sentences?

    2. What microeconomics takes as given is what (that) microeconomics seeks to explain. Is it that the placing of the word 'that' after 'what' wrong? If so or not, why? Please help!

    3. Which one should one say: Read the General Knowledge stuff from/of the financial related stuff. From or of?

    Please help me in understanding my above doubts.


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    Re: 10-08-2009: My doubts price and why they demand the [what (products/services/rates)] that they do. price and why they demand the prices that they do.

    Yes. There's nothing to differentiate. Only one 'microeconomics'. It would be more formally correct to replace the whats with that which.

    In would be my choice, but of the two offered, I'd go for from in your sentence.

    Incidentally, use 'the part in bold' not 'The part bold-ed'.
    In your Q2, 'Is it the ... that is wrong?'.
    Lowercase after a colon unless it's a quote (it's the Americans who always use a capital).


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