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    Smile Career Strategy

    Hello, teachers, could you please help correct the below? Thanks.

    What is career? Career should be a sum of your working time and working achievements. Everybody wants to have a successful career, but how to achieve it?
    In my opinion, the first step is to make your objective clear. Because you should know what you want, for instance, a person graduated from school want to be an operation manager, Yes, to be an O.P. is his objective.
    The second the step is to learn what kind of skill you need to learn. There are a lot of successful stories, every story has a different way to achieve the top, so you need to learn what support your objective, what consists your objective. Just like the above example, every company has an operation manager, I do think they have a lot of characters you need to learn, so, you need to analyze their knowledge framework, to learn how they think, to learn how they deal with different problems when they are facing that. After the analysis, a clear framework will come to your mind, you will find there still are a lot of skills you need to obtain. Those are the sub-objectives.
    Even though you are familiar with the skill you learnt from books, you still can not manage these skills, you need more practice, that's the third step. Imaging the above story, you have learned many operation tools, but how to use them, how to apply them for your current or future job, that is a really problem. Facing a same situation, different people may deal with in different ways in spite of they have same knowledge about it. That depends on experience, experience provide you a perfect thinking, along with the accumulation of experience, you will become more expertising in your field.
    It is a long term action, so you also need a strong spirit to support you, especially while you are in a difficult situation.
    So, I would define "career" to Objective + Learning + Planning + Action + Positive.


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