Hi, teacher, could you please help correct the following short essay? Thanks.

Are you willing to face change directly? Everything is changing except for change itself. Because the world is developing, everything is changing to accommodate the new circumstance, in such a system, no matter how fear you do, you can not avoid to face a change.
Shall we change ourselves. When we are in a confortable situation, when we are enjoying the happiness, some unexpected changes always along with comfort and happiness. So, what can we do? In my opinion, we should learn how to manage changes. Before changes happen, we should realize what kind of changes could happen, what kind of skill we should learn for managing the changes. if change really happens, it could be undercontrol easilly.
And shall we change on our own initiative? The answer is positive. Because we should keep going to prevent be washed out by ages. Developing is the only right way to keep fresh.
Anyhow, we should change, we should learn how to change.

Thanks again.