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    Layout of a formal letter


    I visited your site in order to look for the proper layout of a business letter.

    I actally found what I was looking for, however i am a little confused since all the books I have suggest a different layout. Now I was wondering which one is the lates/right one.

    My books say:

    Company XYZ
    Down Hill Rd
    Atlanta, GA 12345

    ABC Ltd.
    Uphill Road
    Phoenix, AZ 56478

    June 7, 2009

    Dear Sirs or Madam
    Inquiry about wool socks




    Now your layout is different. In some exercises i even have sample letters with the actual abreviations

    Your Ref:

    What is the right way ??

    Thank you

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    Re: Layout of a formal letter

    It looks fine.

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    Re: Layout of a formal letter


    thanks for responding. So this means I can use bothe versions ?

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    Re: Layout of a formal letter

    Any formal letter has your address at top right, addressee ranged to left two to three lines below the last line of your address, formal opening "Dear Sir"; "Dear Madam"; or the name of the recipient. If there is a reference, it is inserted below your address and the date:


    21 Aug 2009

    [YOUR ] REF: 192837

    A subject heading follows the recipient greeting, as you indicate.

    Your letter text follows as normal. The ending will be Yours faithfully for unknown recipients and Yours sincerely for known recipients.

    I would say that within any guidelines there is flexibility, and you can use what you feel is comfortable or what is demanded by your company style rules.

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