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    Please correct the minutes of meeting ....

    Dear Teacher,

    The following are the points discussed in the meeting yesterday. And I need to send a minutes of meeting today. Please correct the mistake and help me. I minght have done mistakes in using correct tenses because the meeting was held yesterday and I am reporting it today:
    The confusion is, what to write: It is agreed..... (or) It was agreed.......
    It is decided.............. (or) It was decided ................

    1. All members agreed that September 1, 2009 will be the target date for clearing the lay down area.
    Mr. Mohan Rao will initiate the discussion with M/s Roy Plastic to clear it. Maintenance Team will send a request e-mail in this regard.
    2. It was agreed by Operation Department to clear the area beside Control Room.
    3. It was decided that the major contractors should have their own smoking shelters with fire extinguishers and electric lighters. Accordingly, M/s Roy Plastic and M/s Royal Plastic will pursued for providing the smoking shelter.
    4. Three garbage skips to be provided by M/s Royal Plastic and these are to be included in lay down area plan.
    5. All contractors to be advised to park their heavy vehicles outside the main gate for inspection before making vehicle sticker.
    6. It was agreed to stock the scaffolding material near Propylene Tank.
    7. Maintenance Team will send an e-mail to M/s Royal Plastic regarding required space to their contractors.

    Any suggestion or links for writing minutes of meeting would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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