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    Re: Hockey and its motherland

    Quote Originally Posted by Flash
    Let's not discuss Darwin's Theory. 1) You use varieties of come frequently. 2) It does not say anything. What happened?
    What says nothing? You know, I'm utterly confused now because I don't know what I can say instead of "come into being". Perhaps, Hockey originated at the beginning... Do you like this change?
    Originate at the beginning is "double trouble" - use either or

    You repeat come/become. Read the essay aloud and listen to how it flows.
    Frankly, I have failed to find a single sentence containing these verbs. Perhaps, you'll help me find one.
    First sentence

    Again - you limit your usage of words.
    You say that I limit my usage of the words but you haven't offered me any credible alternative yet. I asked you if I could use such verbs as 'regard as' and 'look' in this sentence but I have received no answer so far. Perhaps, it's easy for you to think of an alternative to all these things but it's not easy for me.

    Be precise, do not use fillers - why did the Russians get back into the game?
    According to my piece, the Russians got back into the game in 2004. I still can't get what I should do with 'owing to'?
    No grumpy face! I just give you me perception of what I am reading. Somehow it does not fit.

    I totally disagree with you here. There is a difference between indulging in figurative speech and something incorrect. They may have transferred to the Russian League but not to the championship. The championship may be transferred. For example a champion team gets stripped off it for violations.

    Frankly speaking, it seems strange to me that one can transfer to a league but cannot transfer to a championship. In my first language these things are pretty close, so I can't get it. It's difficult for a non-English to grasp all the nuances of meaning.
    A championship is a victory so to speak, an intangible.
    We are taking up too much space here. Please send a p.m. Thank you.

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    Re: Hockey and its motherland

    Yes, I know we're taking up too much space here. I'm afraid I don't understand what you meant by 'please send a p.m.' Could you clarify this, please?
    I'm sorry for plying you with questions. Thank you for taking the trouble to answer them.

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