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    Re: guy, dude, fellow, man, folk

    Quote Originally Posted by ymnisky View Post
    I have found another two similar words:

    'lad' and 'chap'

    I think these two are more used on BrE. But I really would like someone to confirm. Are they used with the same meaning of the origianal ones 'guy, dude, fellow, man, folk'? Do they have a feminine counterpart or are they used for both genres.
    'Lad' is still in current use, "I'm going out with the lads" for example. 'Chap' is very dated and rarely used these days.

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    Re: guy, dude, fellow, man, folk

    I have heard another word: 'kiddo'
    Last weekend I saw in the movie 'The United States of Leland' some friends
    using this word 'kiddo'. Is it used with the same sense of the previous ones?

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