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    complex VS intricate VS complicated


    Is there a difference between/among these three words or do they all mean the same?

    complicated, complex, intricate

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    Re: complex VS intricate VS complicated


    a lot of details or small parts that make it difficult to understand or deal with

    having parts that connect or go together in complicated ways

    not easy to understand or explain


    Having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate. See Synonyms at elaborate.

    complex and difficult to understand or resolve, through having many interrelated elements, parts, or factors

    A thing is complex when it is made up of parts; it is complicated when those parts are so many, or so arranged, as to make it difficult to grasp them; it is intricate when it has numerous windings and confused involutions which it is hard to follow out. What is complex must be resolved into its parts; what is complicated must be drawn out and developed; what is intricate must be unraveled.

    The two words are synonymous. The word intricate has wider meanings including elaborate details.

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