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    Teaching English Intonation


    How and what strategy should be adopted to teach English Intonation to non native speakers (Indians). Which topics/rules should be covered and can you please suggest some activities or drills which can be help here.


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    Re: Teaching English Intonation

    Write a number of single words (e.g. yes, today, sorry, bread etc.) on scraps of paper. Make groups of three - and give each group one of the pieces of paper. The learners must now have a conversation - but the only word anyone can say is the one on their paper!To express different ideas and emotions (e.g. anger, requesting, apologising etc) they will have to vary their intonation. The resulting dialogues are usually funny, but there's also a real teaching purpose. Without the resources of vocabulary and grammar, students have to find ways to express much more with intonation.

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