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    about Ancient Mariner

    What is the main theme of the rime of the ancient mariner?What does poet want to say about this poem?

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    Re: about Ancient Mariner

    Quote Originally Posted by kushol View Post
    What is the main theme of the rime of the ancient mariner?What does poet want to say about this poem?
    I don't think Coleridge wanted to say anything about this poem; that's why he wrote it.

    (Marvellous thing, the Internet... )


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    Re: about Ancient Mariner

    Well, my English doctor had told us that Coleridge is speaking about a religious theme.

    and the whole poem revolve around this idea. and i think it is true seeing first that he left the church then the other thing. Well, I can not recall everything, we took it 2 years ago, well the other things had been removed from his life because he lost his believe in God and when you did you lose everything. Coleridge wants to show that this is important then when he killed the Albatross it was like a sin and they started to live in inferno and he could not repent and they were all doomed and when he repent the bless came back in his life but he should teach this lesson to everyone and when he return first he mentioned the church then the other thing which means if u come back to religion everything will be back in your life all the blessing.

    It was like the old biblical teaching like the divine comedy by Dante

    The mariner lived the three stages, inferno, purgatoria and then paradiso

    This is the only things that I can remember but when I did I will come back!

    unfortuneately I have given all my notes to my friend so, I do not have the notes to tell you all.

    Well, a little search will not harm you. keep searching for more information.

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    Re: about Ancient Mariner

    it's a bit hard to understand but really interesting to know.

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