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    Question Prepositions / Phrasal Verbs

    I have three questions:
    a) Can I use phrasal verbs in formal letters???

    b) "On holidays my friends and I went riding". I saw in a book that this sentence is wrong. The correct form would be: "In the holidays, my friends and I went riding". Then I wonder to know why? I've looked the words "holiday" and "vacation" up in dictionaries but the only preposition I see is "on".

    c) When I wish: "Have a nice vacation / holiday", I don't need to use it in the plural, do I?


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    Re: Prepositions / Phrasal Verbs

    You can use phrasal verbs, but you shouldn't use too many in formal writing. If there is an easy replacement, then it's a good idea to replace.

    On holiday
    Without the definite article, we use 'on', bit with the definite article, we use 'in/during the holidays'
    We use the plural for holidays for everybody:
    I went on holiday to Spain.
    What did you do during the Easter holidays?

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