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    Angry Undertanding sentence structure and editing

    I am very tired of being told that I cannot read, write and edit papers at work. I have had several nervous breakdown at work trying to do my best with all of distraction as well as working under the A76 which they threw me out of my series and place me back as a Secretary (Administrative Assistant) I don't like my duties because I cannot focus. I am heavy medicated due to being stressed over small things and its hurting me I have problem in English sentences, I don't know present tense well and past tense well enough to notices when they are not in order and make sense. I know there is eight part of speech and I am not an expert at none of it.

    I went on the interview and I fell due to I could not edit the paper right I screw-up big time.

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    Re: Undertanding sentence structure and editing

    You have our collective sympathy. As for basic sentence structure, take a look at this:

    Syntax - English sentence structure


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