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    • Mary's mother is Chinese.
    • Mary's great grandmother was French. (her dad's grandmum was French)
    __________________________________________________ ____

    a) Shall I say,
    1. "Mary is a mix."
    2. "Mary is a mix-blood."
    3. "Mary is mix-blooded."
    4. "Mary is a mix of French and Chinese."
    5. b)"Mary is mix-blooded of French and Chinese."

    b) To be precise, shall I say,
    1. "Mary is a quarter mix of French."

    Tks / ju

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    Re: mix-blood

    As a cultural comment, I would find it very odd and even uncomfortable to refer to "mixed blood" or "blood" in general. Your #4 sounds okay to me. You could refer to ancestry or heritage, but (with an American, at least) I'd not mention blood.

    To be accurate, if her great-grandmother was French, she's 1/8 not 1/4.

    Mary is mostly Chinese, with a bit of French in the mix -- a casual way to say it.

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