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    Idioms (I think)

    Hi people
    I have read a thread in which the webmaster told to a member that he/she can post here some idioms. I found lots of them, i post them here:
    i don't know the meanings, i just have the translation into spanish

    You have more tale than little street

    Tienes mas cuento que Calleja
    From lost to the river

    De perdidos al río

    The mother who gave birth to him

    La madre que lo parió
    Sissy the last

    Marica el último

    For if the flies

    Por si las moscas
    Your pan has gone

    Se te ha ido la olla

    Everywhere they boil beans

    En todas partes cuecen habas
    Composed and without girlfriend

    Compuesto y sin novia

    Go out by legs

    Salir por piernas
    If I have seen you I don't remember

    Si te he visto no me acuerdo

    Switch off and let's go

    Apaga y vámonos
    It is not turkey mucus

    No es moco de pavo

    Let's go Don't fuck me

    Vamos no me jodas
    That if you want rice Catherine

    Que si quieres arroz Catalina

    Shit little parrot

    Cágate lorito


    Another who such dance

    Otro que tal baila
    To another thing butterfly

    A otra cosa mariposa

    What of-taylor

    Qué desastre
    Among whistles and flutes

    Entre pitos y flautas

    Like water of May

    Como agua de Mayo
    To fuck the female pig

    Joder la marrana

    Marking parcel

    Marcando paquete
    To put in a cigar

    Meter un puro

    My happiness in a hole

    Mi gozo en un pozo
    Sissy beach

    Marica playa


    It finished what it was given

    Se acabó lo que se daba

    To go by the Ubeda's mountains

    Irse por los cerros de Ubeda
    You see less than Joseph Milks

    Ves menos que Pepe Leches

    High to the meritorious one!

    ¡Alto a la benemérita!
    What brown

    Que marrón

    The gold that shited the Arabian man

    El oro que cago el moro
    What so doggish life

    Qué vida tan perra

    You shited Burt Lancaster

    La cagaste Burt Lancaster
    You roll yourself like a window blinde

    Te enrollas como una persiana

    Go away to frie asparagous

    Vete a freir esparragos
    Send eggs!

    ¡Manda huevos!

    Who sings his bads frightens

    Quien canta sus males espanta
    I can't with my soul

    No puedo con mi alma

    Good of the Paraguay

    Guai del Paraguay
    You hallucinate little cucumbers

    Alucinas pepinillos


    You don't give foot with ball

    No das pie con bola

    Bonus track: Y además:
    Coward of the prairie

    Cobarde de la pradera

    Sinful torpedo

    Torpedo pecador
    Seven horses come from Peacefulness

    Siete caballos vienen de Bonanza

    To you they gave you a label of anisette of the monkey

    A ti te dieron una etiqueta de anís del mono
    Until then Lucas

    Hasta luego Lucas

    I am not able to, I am not able to

    No puedo, no puedo
    Brother-in-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaw !!!!


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    Re: Idioms (I think)

    El oro que cago el moro
    What so doggish life

    This one has a direct equivalent in English:

    A dog's life

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