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    open exam or assessment for non-University graduate

    One who can't afford to enter University can still work very hard in self-studying his/her English. However, a lot of bosses just turn them down simply because the applicants are not university graduate, even the job nature is just purely tutoring English for a 4 years old kid.

    1) Are there open exam or assessment for non-University graduate to test for their English level that they can prove their English proficiency to the prospective employer?

    2) Are the result attained from the examinations organized by "Toffel" & "Cambridge' recognised internationally to judge one's English level?

    Tks / ju

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    Re: open exam or assessment for non-University graduate

    Yes, There is a way to get a diploma that will allow you teaching English.
    It can be done through the British Council. I assume there is one departement in your country, perhaps even more than one, in the capital city of your country and maybe in an another large city.
    In order to get a permission to teach English, you should successfully pass the CPE exam. CPE stands for Certificate of Proficiency in English.

    Hope I have been of help.

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