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    "A B2B" or "An B2B"?

    Hi, if I want to say "a business-to-business environment" or "a business-to-business market" using the abbreviation of "B2B", should I use "a B2B environment" or "an B2B environment"? I googled and found both "a B2B" and "an B2B", so I am confused about its usage.


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    Re: "A B2B" or "An B2B"?

    "A B2B" since the letter "b" starts with a consonant.

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    Re: "A B2B" or "An B2B"?

    Right, the rules are phonetical not just syntactical: a [bi tu bi] environment, with [b] being the first phoneme uttered after the article, and it's not a vowel sound.

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