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Thread: out there

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    out there

    It's raining out there.
    Does it mean "outside"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuhan View Post
    It's raining out there.
    Does it mean "outside"?
    Yes, that's what it means. The phrase "out there", however, can be used in different ways, one of which I can think of now.

    That guy's way out there. - That guy's strange.

    Here's another way to use "out there".

    They've been lost in the forest for a day now. I'm sure we'll find them. They've got to be out there somewhere.

    There are a lot of people out there. - In this sentence, the meaning of "out there" is relative to where the speaker is situated and the context. PROESL is out there - somewhere.

    "there are a lot of people out there" - Google Search=
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