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    methodology questions - help!

    Hi guys!

    I went for an interview today and they gave me a huge test, before I answered all the questions the computer crashed so I can re-take it tomorrow. Clearly a sign from the skies to consult experts on several questions I had problem with ;) I wonder how you would answer them? Here are the questions. I will be grateful for your help.

    1. put these stages of a lesson in order (I did, I have problem with consolidation and expansion)

    1. checking homework 2. introduction 3. presentation 4. langauge practice

    5. systematic language practice 6. expansion and consolidation

    7. wrapping the lesson up

    2. How much time should a dictation take in A class (A means begginers?) a
    a 15 mins, b 20 mins, c. 30 mins
    15 seems right, why do it longer?

    3. 2 hour lesson, how much time should a t. check homework and evaluate the students?

    a. 20 mins, the rest new material (I would go for a)
    b. 45 mins
    c. 30 mins

    4. How much time should games take in A class?
    a. 15 mins b. 30 mins c. 45 mins (even 45 mins what's wrong with that?)

    ok, the guestion is- what the hell is A class- begginers?

    5. Why evaluate students?

    a. to check which areas they have trouble with
    b. to boost their confidence and increase critical and productive skills (I guess this one is right - I can see what areas my s. struggle with but they need to know where they stand as well)

    6. Who needs more predicable lessons?

    a. children (they need routine so they don't go wild, I guess...)
    b. adults

    7. Who needs written word more?

    a. children
    b. adults (?)

    8. What do you do when a new chapter begins and there are: introduction, pictures, text

    a. you spend most of the time on introduction, do the text and assign questions to the text for homework - this is something I sometimes do
    b. you skip introduction and go straight to the text

    9. how much time do you spend on homework and evaluation? (2 hour lesson)

    a. half of the lesson
    b. 15 mins (this one?)
    c. 30 mins

    Will be grateful for help:)

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    Re: methodology questions - help!

    Quote Originally Posted by magdalena View Post
    Clearly a sign from the skies to consult experts on several questions I had problem with ;)
    Beware signs from the skies! It could be a test to see whether you'd cheat or not.

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    Re: methodology questions - help!

    schools love to sell time. no class runs that smoothly.

    3 P's for introducing vocabulary and grammar


    Time for effectiveness - irrelevant

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