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    Desperate mom...

    i moved from Puerto Rico to Baltimore, MD 3 months ago and I have a 3 yr old girl who i need to put in school so that she starts socializing with kids but she does not understand English and i dont know how to teach her... Ever since she was a baby i always put cartoons in English and talk to her in English... she repeats what she hears but she doesnt understand... WHAT CAN I DO????????

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    Re: Desperate mom...

    Hi Jasmin,
    I had the same problem with two Kindergarden pupils last year.
    Children have an amazing ability to adjust to new facts, so don't try to do everything by yourself. Perhaps she understands that your mother language isn't english or she feels there is no need to speek another language since you can understand her.
    I think the fact that she 'll be playing on a daily basis with other children or that she must communicate with her teachers, is what she needs . So please take her to a kindergarden, stay with her at first on the same bench or somewhere where she can talk to you , and then reassure her that you ' ll be watching her play with the other ones. Normally it takes them a week of insecurity and cnfusion, depends on the child. Then it gets better, she will still need to know that you 'll be picking her up, or taking her there and stay for half an hour.
    Don' t be surprised if she cries or begs you to stay at home. Take her out for a walk and pass by the kindergarden, but don't make her play or speak, just ask her or play with her.
    And explain the situation to the teachers of the day care.
    There..! I hope I have been of some help.

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