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    Cool Several Questions

    Help me please.
    1. Is there any dufference between: get married and marry?
    2. If "doubt" is a (C) noun, so I can say: "I have a doubt", right?
    3. As far as I know the word "sport" is (C) in American English and (U) in British English, right?
    4. " I like cooking". After the verb like I can use "ing". Is this rule only used for the Simple Present? I mean, can I say: When I was a child I liked playing soccer???
    5. Is there any difference between: "dance" / "go dancing" - "swim/go swimming"?
    6. It's wrong to say: 6 o'clock pm / 6 o'clock am. Right?
    7. When I talk about names of restaurants, do I have to use "the". Example: "The Ritz", or is it optional? Do I follow the same for bars, pubs, etc?


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    Re: Several Questions

    1 We use 'get married' more. 'Marry' can be used for the priest or other official who preforms the ceremony, which 'get married' can't be used for.
    2 Yes
    3 It can be both U (as activity) and C (different sports) in BrE.
    4 Yes, you can
    5 Dance- this only means the activity, while go dancing is the whole night out as well
    6 Right
    7- We normally use 'the' with restaurants and pubs

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