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    Use of articles with a product name

    What are the rules for using "the" and other articles with a product name? For example: Software applications are not generally referred to as "the Word" or "the Windows". They are referred to without articles. However, articles tend to be used when referring to concrete products, such as computers, "the Dell laptop", "the Ford Focus", etc.

    Start Windows vs Start laptop

    I need to be able to explain this.


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    Smile Re: Use of articles with a product name

    Articles are added before countable nouns, when reffering to softwares Windows, MS Office, Adobe, etc you are referring to make or company which cannot be counted.

    Instead you can always say..

    Insert the Windows CD in the drive. (CD is countable)

    While talking about Dell or Acer, you are reffering to the laptop or computer not the company.

    I have a DELL laptop. (laptop can be counted)

    However if you use Dell without the laptop, you wont use article, ex.

    Dell is the biggest manufacturer of laptops in US.
    I like Acer laptops. (over her though word laptop is use but it is used to refer to the company not the phsyical laptop)

    Hope you the point.

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