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    take a pull at/cracking up/fixing me own to a respectable calling/I'd brake out/

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

    Then he took another pull at the beer and looked more savage than ever.
    to take a pull at = to drink at a gulp

    You show me a book cracking up the old times, writ by a chap as ived in ‘em and I believe you.
    to crack up = to praise

    “Well”, he says,”what of it? There’s plenty more where he comes from.”
    there’s plenty more where he comes from = there are many people born every day.

    “It’s no use fixing me down, my dear, to any quiet respectable calling,” says Joe to the gal, “because, even in the police would let me alone, I wouldn’t be able to stop there. “I’d break out, sooner or later, try as I might.”
    fixing me down to any respectable calling = making me settle down and take up a respectable profession or trade

    I’d would break out = here I won’t be able to keep from going back to my old life
    In his report he mentioned that he had taken a hand himself, merely as an example to the flock;
    to take a hand = to take part, to help

    Nearly sixty when I first knew him, he must have written already some fifteen books, which had earned him the reputation of a “genius” with the few who know.
    the few who know = the few select or “the elite”

    He was a tall, thin man with a face rather like Mark Twain’s, black eyebrows which bristled and shot up, a bitten, drooping grey moustache, and fuzzy grey hair; but his eyes were like owl’s eyes, piercing, melancholy, dark brown, and gave to his rugged face the extraordinary expression of a spirit remote from the flesh which had captured it.
    rugged face = a face with strongly marked features of irregular outline
    the flesh = the human body as distinguished from the soul.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: take a pull at/cracking up/fixing me own to a respectable calling/I'd brake out/

    I haven't come across 'crack up' with that sense.


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