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    can you edit this text?there are some mistakes...

    Leaning steep into the wind,I trudged along the beach in the posture of someone pushing a car up a hill, passing in front of a long row of beach huts,all of identical design but being painted in varying bright hues.The most were shut up for the winter,but about three-quarter of the way along,one stood open,rather in the manner of a magician box,with a little porch on which sat a man and a woman in garden chairs,huddled in an arctic clothing with lap blankets,buffeted by wind that seemed constantly to threaten to tip them over backwards.The man was trying to read a newspaper,but the wind kept wrapping it around his face.They both looked very happy;as if this were the seychelles and they were drinking gin fizzes under nodding palms rather than sit half-perished in a stiff english gale.They were contented because they owned little piece of valuable beach-front property for which there was no doubt a long waiting -list and any time they want they could retire to the hut and be slightly less cold.they could make a cup of tea and,if they were feeling particularly rakish,have a chocolate biscuit.afterwards,they could spend a happy half-hour packing their things away and closing up hatches.And this was all they required in the world to bring theirselves to a state of near rapture.

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    Re: can you edit this text?there are some mistakes...

    is there anyone to check the text?

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