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    Language Focussed Lesson Plan

    Hi, I am a trainee teacher and have been provided with a taped dialogue and asked to prepare a language focussed lesson plan which can be either functional or structural. I have many ideas of what I could possibly include in the lesson, but am worried that I am not meeting the basic criteria or whether the my ideas have a cohesive rationale.

    Could you please offer some pointers to help me ensure that my lesson plan is both functional and language focussed?

    Some ideas I have for the lesson:

    What are the characteristics of a good teacher? Choose the most important factors from the box.
    Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions.
    Write your opinion on whether you agree with Student A or Student as to what makes a good teacher.
    In pairs role play Student A and Student Bs roles.
    Cloze test - complete the gaps in the dialogue .
    What happened next? Did the Student B change her mind?
    Questionnaire What makes a good teacher?
    As Student B, write a formal letter to the Director of the language school and advise him of your problems with the learning approach of your tutor. Compare his teaching style with your past English language teacher.

    The basis of the dialogue is that one student is used to a more traditional form of teaching and is unhappy with the communicative approach of her tutor. The other student is trying to persuade her that it is a good method.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Language Focussed Lesson Plan

    I think you should make the both the functional elements more explicit- the structural elements can be deduced easily enough, but I'm less clear on what your functional aim is.

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