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    Accent Assessment

    Hi everybody
    Please listen to this audio clip of mine and give me a precised feedback on
    how well is my accent and how close it is to a native accent?
    If you want to mark it out of 100 what would it be ?
    *100 is a native speaker thanks
    ** sorry for not uploading the file on this website cuz I dunno what the hell was happening to the uploading part that it didn't let me to do so

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    Re: Accent Assessment

    At the moment it's not set to take WMA files. I'll look into adding them. There are some issues in the recording with stress, but I think this is amplified because you are reading a text or something prepared rather than speaking naturally. When you read aloud, the stress is often unnatural, so if you could put something with yourself talking normally it would be easier to see what your stress and intonation are like.
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