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Thank you for your feedback. I'm trying to concentrate on one sound at a time, otherwise it becomes too hard :P

I made this list of common English words that I'm used to pronounce using the /i:/ sound but that should be pronounced using the /ɪ/ sound.

in, is, it, this, which, if, will, thing, did, live, little, give, think, before, different, difficult, big, why, kid, animal, build, still, city, begin, fish, list, wind, ship, king, kid, interest, invite, sing, listen, simple, appear, unit, sit, miss, bit, pit, pick, fit, lip.


Could you please point out which of these words need more work? Maybe each one of them needs more work :P

Thank you again for your patience,
It sounds to me like "will" and "build" are a little off. It's hard to describe. However, this might lead one to believe that i before l, perhaps, presents a problem. I would try working more with words similar to "will" and "build" in which i comes before l.

The rest of the words sound good to me. Then again, maybe a BrE speaker should comment here, as, once again, I am an AmE speaker.