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    help is something more i want to know
    which one is right...."i wrote you that letter yesterday before taking leave"
    OR "i had written you that letter yesterday before taking leave"
    please help me out with suitable explanation.

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    Re: help

    We use the pluperfect only alongside a preterite, when we wish to show 2 distinct past moments. Example: I had written the letter before I left.

    Time 0: present
    Time -1: 17:00 yesterday
    Time -2: 19:00 yesterday

    We use the preterite with a gerund to distinguish two moments relatively. Example: I wrote that letter before leaving.

    Time -1: when I left
    Time -2: writing the letter

    They are similar cases but we don't use the pluperfect alongside the gerund: "I had written it before leaving." Unless, of course, there is a series of sentences, and the pluperfect is justified by other past tense verbs before or after it.


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