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    Question English Is a funny Language

    Somebody told me that
    "English is a funny Language it has no rule
    Teachers are Cheater and Students are fool
    English is funny Language it has no rule"
    after this he gave me this example that we pronounce "but" and when we pronounce "put" then its a lots of difference in pronunciation of these words so he gave me lots of examples now tell me how can i satisfy him that he is wrong english has rules and regulations so plz tell me. bye

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    Re: English Is a funny Language

    All human languages, even computer languages and animal communication have rules. It's called grammar. Spelling also has rules, too, and as pronunciations that don't appear to follow any rules, such as the vowel sound in "put" and "but", it's because they are either a result of historical sound change, which has rules, too, or the words were borrowed from other languages.

    If you want to argue that language does not have rules, you'll have to be more specific in how you phrase your statement.

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