ENGL 101 200

Life Before and After Baby
Having always been one of those members of the population professing never wanting to have children, it came as a great surprise to find myself the guest of honor at a baby shower. I had reached the age of thirty-five, gone through one divorce and was in the pursuit of a career when the baby issue reared its tiny head. I had remarried and unlike myself, my new husband definitely wanted a family. After a few moments of thought I decided to comply. Unfortunately not one thought was about the changes the birth of a child would make in my life. I could only visualize myself dressed in designer maternity clothes being pampered by a doting husband.

My life before the baby, or BB as I prefer to call it was a relatively easy one. I enjoyed my job and seemed to be moving toward a tidy career progression. Socially I was free to do as I pleased. I met friends for drinks, had late night dinners with my husband, in short no major responsibilities. There was a lot of disposable income, and my husband and I thought nothing of going away for the weekend. Unfortunately on November 16, 2001, this life of bliss came to a grinding halt.
I will try to describe life AB, after baby. First, the phrase disposable income is now a thing of the past. The only time I use that word it is with the word diaper behind it. Money is the only thing babies go through faster than diapers. Drinks with friends after work have been reduced to gulping down a glass of wine in bewilderment as I realize it's eight in the evening and I still haven't combed my hair. Trips are nonexistent and my husband and I eat in shifts.
There is, however, one important change I have not yet mentioned. Despite all the hardships and trials, nothing can replace the thrill of seeing your own child greet you, and only you, with a big smile. I guess disposing of disposable income isn't so bad after all.

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