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    Career paths from teaching to ...

    I have been working as an EFL teacher for a couple of years, and will likely continue for a few more. I enjoy the teaching, but not enough to continue teaching indefinitely. That said, I have recently begun exploring alternative paths within ESL/EFL. I would like to hear other ideas as well.

    Some of my ideas:
    • Becoming a teacher trainer and/or professor in linguistics
    • Becoming a curriculum designer
    • Becoming a Regional English Language Officer with the Dept. of State (U.S.)
    • Becoming a writer on matters related to ESL/EFL

    What other ideas are out there? What has been done? What have you done?

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    Re: Career paths from teaching to ...

    The fourth might be difficult to turn into a career with the amount of stuff that is being published on the web for free.

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