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    A Successful student

    success is a choice. it can be your choice.and I'm telling you now a story about a nineteen-year-old boy whose name is Ahmad .when he was about seven years old ,he was such a hard-working the primary school ,he was used to studying hard for a long time.he has always been getting distinctive results until he reached to the secondary school and last year he studied at cpc which regards Aramco company in Saudi Arabia.lately he has been studying at the university of west Virginia majoring in petroleum engineering.even though the life is difficult for a Muslim there.for example you see everything most likely pricey and unaffordable especially when the meat is hallal or (religiously lawful) in,in the month of Ramadan he is forced to eat peanut butter or,he challenged himself and could be successful and challenger as well.

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    Re: A Successful student

    Dear John 3:10:

    Are you looking for guidance with your writing? Is there a question?


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    Re: A Successful student

    yeah some correction for the paragrapg that i posted few days ago

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