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    Exclamation Argumentative writing(urgent)

    I am going to write an article,the topic is
    {Life fro young people today is more difficult than it was for young people in the past ,Do you agree?}
    I would like to ask for some ideas about this topic,what I should include in this writing,which means I want an outline for this writing,I really need someone who can help me!!So give me your opinion,thank you!!!

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    Re: Argumentative writing(urgent)

    I disagree

    It is more dangerous, no doubt but I wouldn't say it's more difficult. Think of the internet (helping with education etc), means of travel (special school buses), less chores at home. It really depends, how far are we going back. What period do you need to compare it with? Think about it because that also matters. Are we talking about developed or undeveloped countries. Take all that into consideration, make a list pros and cons and you will see which outweigh.
    Good luck

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