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    Arrow cunfusion confusion

    i am a bit confused about the meaning and use of an idiom will anybody explain it to me? the idiom is

    "A Rolling stone gathers no moss".
    as given in the list on this website it has two meaning but i think the two are in stark contrast to each other. please solve my confusion by using it atleat in 3 sentences
    always dynamic bina pasha

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    Re: cunfusion confusion

    This corresponds exactly the Turkish saying which can be translated into english as "the steel that's running(or working) shines"

    It is something similar to the condition about the retired people.If after retirement they keep working in any other job or have a hoby they live long,but if they quit doing things except trivial ones they live less(At least it is believed so)

    ps:Sorry but the "3 sentences" condition seems weird to me ,if only one clear example can be helpful enough,why asking for "three"

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